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List of High Dividend stocks doing well in this market. Our Top Dividend Stocks List.
VZ - Verizon - Can you hear me now? Great high paying dividend stock that has been doing well.
GE - General Electric - We bring good things to life, including a great dividend. This U.S. company is making a major comeback.
NLY - Annaly Capital Management - This is an extremely high yielding REIT. They own and manage real estate.
TOT - Total SA - This French Oil company has a low PE and a great yield. Great foreign stock play.
BNS - Bank of Nova Scotia - Canadian banks are safe bets, this one pays a great dividend.
CAT - Caterpillar - Should benefit from infrastructure rebuilding. Great stock and decent dividend.
FE - first energy - High dividend paying utility is a solid bet.
MON - monsanto - The fertilizer and agriculture business is booming, pick up this winning stock today. Pays a modest dividend.
T - AT & T - Telecomm giant offers a high dividend and blue chip safety. Hovering near 52 week high, proven winner.

Dividend stocks are considered good investments because they pay you to hold their stock. Dividends are most likely payed on a quarterly basis, which can be a nice supplement to your regular income.

They can also offer protection in down markets, as the lower the stock goes, the higher the dividend becomes. This can act as a cushion or buffer, drawing in value investors when the dividends get really high.
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